5 quick tips on how to keep your solar panels clean

The only maintenance required for the solar panels at your location is routine cleaning to minimize dust buildup and the resulting shadow, which would reduce solar effectiveness.

Many people think cleaning solar panels will be difficult. Additionally, it is presumable that maintaining a panel will take a lot of your time and effort.

We, at Fenice Energy, in this article are here to help you dispel that myth.
The simplest approach to determine whether your solar panels require cleaning or maintenance is to monitor their energy output. It might be a good idea to check on them whether there is a sharp decline or a gradual decline over time. The dirt accumulation could reduce solar panel production by 5% or more. Dust and haze may further reduce output, by up to 20%, if you reside close to a highway or airport.

Quick Tips to keep your solar panels efficient:

• The most effective way to wash solar panels is with a hose or a bucket of warm water. Essentially, in the same manner, you would wash your car at home.

• Be careful about using harsh soaps & detergents as some soaps can leave a film or residue that not only leaves a mark but also attracts dirt to stick to the surface and manifest longer.

• Never use an abrasive sponge or soap for your solar panel rooftop cleaning as it may hamper the anti-reflective coating and scratch the glass. Both these conditions will render the panels void of their warranty. The best way to clean solar panels is by using a soft rag or non-abrasive sponge.

• Clean solar panels when they are moist or wet to ensure any dirt or residue stuck on them can be wiped off easily.

• It is important not to use harsh materials when cleaning solar panels as they could cause damage.

• Running a hose along with the panels for dirt removal on a regular basis would be highly beneficial.

• Avoid extremely high-pressure water sprayers when washing off your solar panels. A high-pressure attachment discharging water at pressures greater than 35 bar can damage the solar panels.

• Stains which solidify and stick to the panel e.g. Bird droppings, need to be removed at the earliest.

• Do not overclean your solar panel system. Unless there is a significant amount of dust in your area, a weekly cleaning should suffice.

• The best time for cleaning the panels is early morning or late evening. During peak hours, not only are the panels too hot, but you may also lose a significant generation.

Tips: Before cleaning solar panels:

1. Avoid solar panels cleaning during bad weather conditions.
2. Verify that the roof can support the weight of the person cleaning the panels.
3. Before ascending the roof, it’s crucial to follow all safety precautions; check that your shoes have adequate grip, wear a helmet, etc.

For any further queries or information on solar panel cleaning and recommendations from experts, you can reach out to us at Fenice Energy.

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