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Top 10 Indian Solar Panel Manufacturers 2024

With the world moving steadily towards renewable sources of energy, solar power has taken a prominent place in the global energy market. With its vast potential for solar energy, India is not far behind in the race. With an ever-growing emphasis on renewable energy and a growing market for the same, solar panel manufacturers in India are at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. 

As you read further, you’ll get an in-depth look at some of the top solar panel manufacturers in India. These solar panel manufacturing companies in India are the champions of solar energy. They are not only lighting up homes and businesses across the nation but also paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Top 10 Solar Panel Companies in India

As the Indian solar energy sector is heating up to derive almost 50% of its energy from renewable sources, let us look closely at the solar companies pushing India to a bright solar future.

1. Fenice Energy

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One of India’s leading solar companies, Fenice Energy, has pioneered in the solar energy sector. With expertise in end-to-end solar solutions for over two decades, the company is committed to making solar energy accessible to everyone. Fenice Energy offers a wide range of products, from rooftop solar panels and solar inverters to cutting-edge EV charging services. The company understands that moving to a solar-powered energy program is not cheap and has partnered with leading banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) to make solar energy accessible and affordable. With an impressive portfolio of clientele, Fenice Energy is on a relentless pursuit of eco-friendly innovation.

2. Premier Solar Systems Pvt Ltd

Premier Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., another name that stands tall among India’s top solar panel manufacturers, is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to quality. With a decades-long history, the company specializes in solar photovoltaic modules and solar water pumping systems. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products and with a focus on eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Premier Solar continues illuminating the path towards a greener future.

3. Novasys Energy

Set up in the heart of India, Nagpur, Novasys Energy has an illustrious history of over 30+ years. The company manufactures high-efficiency solar PV modules using advanced Mono PERC and Bifacial technology. Catering to clients from small domestic systems to large industrial projects, Novasys Energy is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in India. In the words of Mr. Sushil Bansal, Founder and Managing Director, “ We have set our sights on creating top-of-the-line products for the future of energy generation, harnessing the power of solar technology.” (sic)

4. Emmvee Solar Systems

Born from an idea to implement green energy to better use, Emmvee Solar Systems makes solar energy products amalgamating cutting-edge technology and smart innovation for sustainable living. Headquartered in Bangalore, Emmvee Solar Systems has a state-of-the-art solar module manufacturing facility with a 500 MW production capacity that produces a large number of solar products without compromising on quality.

5.Vikram Solar Limited

With a presence across 32 countries, Vikram Solar Limited is one of the largest solar panel manufacturing companies in India. With over a decade of experience, Vikram Solar Limited has implemented projects across the length and breadth of the country in both commercial and residential sectors. In fact, Vikram Solar Limited was the first company in India to commission a floating solar PV plant of 10 kW.

6. Waaree Energies

Formed in 1989, Waaree Energies Ltd is a Mumbai-based corporation with over 360+ locations in India and 68 overseas countries. It is one of the top solar panel-making companies in India, with stunning 2 GW module production facilities in Surat.

Waaree Energies is also the first organization in the country to have an in-house NABL Lab Facility. With over 32 years of expertise, they provide EPC services, project development, solar water pumps, solar rooftop solutions, independent powerhouses, and various other services.

7. Tata Power Solar Systems

Tata Power Solar Systems is a prominent industry leader in the solar energy business from the house of TATA. Recognized for its excellence in producing top-tier solar panels within the Indian market, the company has successfully delivered an impressive 1.4 GW of solar modules globally over the last two decades. With a diverse product portfolio that includes solar PV modules, solar rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps catering to a wide range of applications, Tata Power Solar stands apart because of its commitment to innovation. The company strongly focuses on research and development to drive continuous improvement and efficiency gains.

8. Adani Solar

Adani Solar is a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd. and is a prominent entity among the top 15 utility solar power developers globally. Located in Mundra, Gujarat, the company boasts a robust manufacturing infrastructure and a cumulative capacity exceeding 1.5 gigawatts for solar cells and modules. With a robust portfolio of solar PV modules and solar power solutions, Adani Solar focuses on research and development. The company continually strives to push the boundaries of solar technology, driving efficiency and performance to new heights.

9. RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd

Specializing in producing solar modules and essential components such as solar PV cells, black sheets, and encapsulants, RenewSys Solar has been catering to the renewable energy needs of over 40 nations worldwide. The company has two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India that have helped cement its position as a global solar energy modules provider. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation underscores its significant contribution to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions internationally.

10. Loom Solar

Established in 2018, Loom Solar is one of India’s leading solar panel-making companies specializing in mono-perc solar panels and lithium batteries. Based out of Faridabad, Haryana, this company has an impressive manufacturing capacity of 100 MW. The company is currently slated as the fastest growing solar panel manufacturer in the country with a wide range of solar panels from 10 watts to 450 watts super high-efficiency panels.

The Road Ahead

With the government lending strong support for renewable energy through favorable policies, the future looks bright for the solar panel manufacturing industry in India. With the increasing global demand for sustainable solutions, these top 10 solar panel manufacturers are poised for unprecedented growth. Their role in India’s energy transition is undeniable, and their contributions will be key to achieving the country’s ambitious renewable energy targets.

Final Thoughts

The companies mentioned above are not only solar panel manufacturers but also the vanguard of the renewable energy revolution. These firms, along with similar manufacturers, are driving innovation, sustainability, and progress. As we stride ahead with our efforts to combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint, these stalwarts are helping harness the power of the sun and aid in creating a greener world for the generations to come.

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