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Unlocking Solar Potential: Collaborate for a brighter tomorrow!

 We are seeking partners who share our passion for renewable energy and can help drive solar adoption. With the potential for growth in homes and offices alike, we are looking for champions to join us in unlocking this limitless potential.

Together, we can pave the way for a cleaner and brighter future for generations to come.

business opportunity

Get a lucrative business opportunity with the pioneer in solar industry

For business owners with a passion for sustainability and an interest in solar or related topics, partnering with us can provide exciting opportunities for growth.You can give the customer a transparent and seamless experience, which aligns with our commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

Responsibilities of a partner

As a partner, your responsibilities include lead generation support, pitching to customers and securing orders, managing customer billing and collections, and ensuring a seamless and transparent customer experience. These vital tasks contribute to business growth, customer satisfaction, and building strong relationships for long-term success.

Green partner

Our support to GreenPartners


Access to leading rooftop solar design tool (solar labs) and CRM software


Significant brand investments and BTL activities


Access to in-house learning management system, to enhance product / process knowledge.


Dedicated solar experts to help in pitching and sales closure


The Internal operations team will take responsibility for installation and commissioning, ensuring timely delivery and promised quality

O&M Service

Backed by India’s largest and most reliable network of O&M engineers

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GreenPartner is a well-connected business owner who wishes to extend their business into green-renewable energy. This program helps GreenPartners to extend their business in renewable energy.
A GreenPartner will create leads and be in charge of closing them from beginning to end. Every GreenPartner will receive thorough training in the fundamentals of solar, finances, and taxes.
Fenice Energy will provide unrivaled assistance to GreenPartners in the execution of sales, installation, commissioning & after-sale service to customers.

Fenice Energy is building a nationwide dealer network. We are calling upon green energy champions, well-connected individuals, independent consultants, solar EPC players or business partners currently associated with any other business to advocate the use of green, clean and uninterrupted power supply. We assist our dealers with relevant training and constant support.

To get started on your journey as a GreenPartner or dealer with Fenice Energy, simply click on become a partner and fill out the form. A dedicated Relationship Manager will contact you shortly afterwards and guide you through the process. You will soon be able to guide green champions on their journey towards solar rooftop installation.

Fenice Energy(erstwhile SunEdison*) is a pioneer in the solar space with a strong pan-India presence. We are the first choice of many who look for the best solar system for home , commercial establishments or agriculture needs.

We are a customer-centric company advocating the use of clean and green energy for a sustainable tomorrow. Our rooftop solar panels are of superior quality and a result of extensive research and advanced technology. Come experience this first hand when you partner with us. We support all our partners with the commercial and technical know-how. 

Of all the solar energy companies in India, Fenice Energy(erstwhile SunEdison*) stands tall. Our rooftop solar PV system is a unique opportunity for green champions to reduce electricity cost by up to 90%. Green Partners build our brand , communicate the advantages of solar energy, develop the local markets, identify and close sales and bring us valuable feedback from the customers. They will be the point of contact for the customers, hence, we expect our Green Partners to be ethical and customer-focused at all times.
Absolutely! Our endeavour is to be customer-focussed at all times. We work with a number of banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs) to provide easy financing or loans at very attractive interest rates. As a valued customer of the best solar panel company in India, we help you get started with home solar system installation or commercial solar power systems or solar energy systems for agriculture in a hassle-free manner.
Fenice Energy(erstwhile SunEdison*) values its association with its Green Partners. Our Green Partners can tap into the market opportunity worth crores to earn a handsome amount depending upon the project size. For more information, contact us at greenpartner@feniceenergy.com.
Absolutely! As a GreenPartner, you are free to choose. In case the GreenPartner opts out of I&C, the company will provide this service to the customers.

GreenPartners are required to pay a refundable deposit of ₹25,000 which is refundable against orders. For more infrmation reach out to us at greenpartner@feniceenergy.com

No. GreenPartners do not have to hold any inventory which means there is no initial investment to start with.
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