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Solar Panel Warranties: What Indian Homeowners Need to Know

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Nowadays, solar power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources in India that helps cope with the country’s energy needs in a sustainable way. As more and more Indian citizens install solar panels in their homes to take advantage of the sunny climate, it is vital to familiarise oneself with the warranty of solar panels. This article offers a detailed examination of them, including the product warranty, power warranty, labour warranty, and shipping, to enable Indian homeowners to make sound and informed decisions. When you buy solar panels, you are not simply acquiring a commodity – but rather have invested in a decade’s worth of clean, renewable energy. Any purchase is intrinsically subject to risk, especially in circumstances such as these when you put down money for an extended time period. A warranty is the insurance against any sudden misadventure.

Why Do Solar Panel Warranties Matter?

If a solar PV system is a two or three-decade investment for households, then the returns from those investments will be electricity that the solar energy system produces each year. The more electricity the solar energy system produces in a year, the less you have (to pay) (or that is paid) to the utility. However, the importance of warranties is accentuated by the fact that if the panels in your solar energy system are short-lived, you will not get the longest-term and most efficient value here. This could well mean that you have overpaid for your solar energy system on the most optimistic terms. Therefore, it is not only important to be aware of the warranty of solar panels, but also to know what they include.

Types of Solar Panel Warranties

There are 4 different warranties that homeowner/ business owners to look out for, Product Warranty: This covers the solar panels themselves and typically guarantees at least 10 years of protection. Leading brands like SunPower or Q Cells now offer 25 to even 40-year-long warranties on products, adding some perimeters on peace of mind for the long term. Power Warranty: The power warranty, also known as a performance warranty, ensures the decrease in power output your solar panels generate over time. Most manufacturers provide a 25-year warranty to ensure your panels will run close to responsive to the sun’s energy as they bought them. Some companies will offer a power warranty in addition to your product warranty; those include SunPower and Tesla. Installation Warranty: While the manufacturer’s warranty protects the panels, the installation warranty protects your entire photovoltaic system, including how it plugs into the power grid. As a result, the installation guarantee will cover the flaws that result in any issues with other components, including racking and wiring, except in instances when these are provided separately by other entities. SunPower and Tesla also provide installation warranties in addition to coated product warranties.

Best Solar Panel Warranties in India

Solar panel warranty has two forms of protection. A product warranty covers the panel’s durability, safeguarding against potential manufacturing defects, while a performance warranty assures the panel maintains a specified energy output value over time.

Product Warranties

Product warranty is applicable on the equipment availed, which also provides at least 10-12 years of breakdown cover. The companies listed below all have product warranties that guarantee 25 years for at least one of their products:

Company Product Inverter Product + Inverter + Racking Equipment Score
SunPower 25 years Yes, 25 years for SunPower microinverters 9
CertainTeed 25 years Yes, 25 years for microinverters/power optimisers, 12 years for string inverters with Gold installers 9
Panasonic 25 years Yes, 25 years if panels bundled with Enphase microinverters in AllGuard warranty 9

Power Warranties

Power warranties, also known as the performance guarantee, the luminous output is guaranteed at 90% at 10 years and 80% at 25 years. The companies listed below all have solar panel warranty period that guarantee at least 92% output in year 25 for at least one of their products:

  • SunPower: DC panels
  • Panasonic: EverVolt panels
  • REC: Alpha panels
Company Power Power Score
SunPower 92% EC, 90% AC at year 25 5
Panasonic 92% EverVolt, 90.76% HIT at year 25 5
REC 92% Alpha, 86% REC N-Peak & TwinPeak 4, 80.7% REC TwinPeak (60-cell), 85.5% TwinPeak (72-cell) at year 25 5

Labour and Shipping Warranties

The following companies cover labour for diagnostics, repairs, or replacements without a cost limit as long as the initial installation was conducted by an installer certified in the company’s network; they also cover shipping of components:

Company Labour Shipping Labour + Shipping Score
SunPower 25 years with SunPower-affiliated installers Yes 5
Panasonic 25 years if installed by an authorised installer and registered within 60 days of warranty start date Yes 5
CertainTeed 15 years for Silver installers, 25 years for Gold installers Yes 5

What to Look for in a Solar Panel Warranty?

Of course, solar panels have separate warranties. Besides the product guarantee, you will be provided with a power warranty, and you may have warranties for different system components, such as inverters. Other essential components to look at are,

  • Transferability: Some warranties will cover the next homeowner. It makes your home worth more when you choose to sell it.
  • Labour coverage: Sadly, although a product guarantee will cover your plates, it may not cover labour charges. Some guarantees cover labour, while others will only cover several hundred dollars.
  • Exclusions and limitations: Make sure to read the warranty papers. Solar panel warranties can not cover everything. For example, many do not protect the disruption produced by severe weather or external sources. 

What’s Not Covered in Solar Panel Warranties?

While this may seem obvious, understanding what is not covered in your solar panel warranty period is also important. For example, solar panel guarantees do not include other systems: inverters, racking, and batteries. In addition, the part guarantees will generally be less expensive.

Maintaining your Solar Panel Warranty

Ensuring that your PV panel guarantee is valid may require:

  • Use quality assistance: Most organisations provide a guarantee that your PV system is built by specialists.
  • Regular maintenance: You must also ensure your solar panels are appropriately cleaned and tackle any alerts for immediate harm assessment.
  • Regular inspections: Monitor your network regularly to identify potential problems early and ensure they are resolved on time.

Comparing Solar Panel Warranties

Different companies and types of solar panels commonly offer solar panel warranties. Indian homeowners should invest in a solar panel brand on the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Efficiency
  • Power output
  • Performance
  • Warranty

Below is a list of the top 4 in India according to our weighted ranking that compares these companies’ warranties:

  • SunPower
  • Panasonic
  • REC
  • CertainTeed

Filing a Solar Panel Warranty Claim

When filing a warranty claim, the homeowner ought to consider the following:

  • Manufacturer reputation: Your ease of contacting someone when you need people to reach and if the manufacturer will still honour the warranty
  • Warranty transferability: Whether the warranty automatically transfers to a new system owner

Indian homeowners can be assured when they invest in solar power. Since they are a long-term investment lasting between 25 and 30 years, Indian homeowners should understand solar panel warranties and compare them correctly. By investing in quality and positive solar investment and stable energy, Indians can enjoy a safe, sustainable, and considerable future.

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February 14, 2024


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