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Factors Before Installing Rooftop Solar in Hyderabad

The flood caused a huge discomfort in the lives of many. A resident of Tarnaka explains how she and her neighbors escaped being stuck in their flats and homes and flats without power, water, and connectivity for several days. The flood caused by the incessant rains wreaked havoc in October. But, the solar panels in their complex saved them in the end. Many other reports of using solar in Hyderabad came from the districts that were impacted by the flood. 

Another user of solar panels in Hyderabad shared that it was unimaginable for them, how a single 100-watt panel can handle all the small appliances. However, he cannot use solar power indoors, but his garden lights are solar-powered. 

Knowing the Types of Solar Panels

On-grid Solar Units

Solar power setup that seamlessly works with the main grid is an on-grid system. It provides electricity whenever you need it. If your rooftop solar panels can’t produce enough power, you automatically draw from the grid. You can save on electricity bills while you get a chance to earn some extra cash from DISCOMs through a system called ‘net metering’. The solar power grid in Hyderabad compensates you for the unused electricity. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

Off-grid Solar Units

These operate independently, without needing to connect to the main grid. It is like having your little power station right at home. The solar rooftops in Hyderabad soak up sunlight and convert it into electricity, charging the battery. Then, whenever you need power, you can tap into that battery to run your appliances and devices. It’s especially handy in areas where the grid supply is unreliable or non-existent, saving you from the frustration of frequent power outages. With an off-grid system, you’ve got reliable electricity on your terms.

Hybrid Solar Units

Imagine having the best of both worlds with solar energy Hyderabad. This setup combines the reliability of the grid with the independence of off-grid living. You’ve got a battery to store excess solar power, but here’s where it gets really cool: once that battery is full, any extra electricity goes straight back into the grid. That means you not only have backup power when you need it, but you can also earn money by selling surplus energy. 

Simplifying the use of Solar Energy in Hyderabad

Solar energy in Hyderabad works the same way: sunlight hits solar panels, gets converted into electricity, and is then either stored in batteries or turned into usable power for your home appliances. If you’re on the grid, any extra power you produce can go back into the grid, earning you credits or even cash. But if you’re off-grid, you’re in full control of the power you generate. Even during a blackout, you still have backup power from your batteries for a few hours. 

Governments, like in India’s Telangana state, have different setups for this, like net metering, where you only pay for what you use after subtracting what you contribute, or gross metering, where all your solar energy Hyderabad goes into the grid. Each has its metering system to keep track of imports and exports, ensuring a fair deal for everyone involved.

Finding the Net Area Required for Solar Installation

Are you considering solar panel installation in Hyderabad? A few key factors come into play to determine how much power you can generate and how much space you’ll need:

Sunlight availability and rooftop space: The amount of sunlight your rooftop receives and the available space will determine the maximum power you can generate.

  Type of system: Whether you choose an on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid system will also influence how much space you need on your rooftop.

The decision on the capacity of your solar power system is mainly influenced by:

  • Your current monthly power usage and past electricity bills will help you gauge your energy needs.
  • Since solar systems remain unchanged for 25 years, it’s important to get the changes done depending on your future usage.
  • Solar systems that generate more electricity will require more space on your rooftop.

Sources confirm that for solar rooftop installation in Hyderabad, you’ll typically need at least 80 square feet of shadow-free area on your rooftop to install solar panels, be it for residential, industrial, or commercial use. It will ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your solar power system.

Determining the Cost of Solar Panels

Under the government’s Phase-II solar program, they’re offering financial assistance to residential areas looking to go solar. For systems up to 3 kWp capacity, they’re giving a 40% subsidy, and for systems between 3 kWp and 10 kWp, it’s 20%. Choose a solar company in Hyderabad that is registered to get the subsidy.

A consumer of solar power Hyderabad shares it cost him around Rs. 2.2 lakhs, but he believes prices have dropped since then. Now, a similar setup goes for about Rs. 1.5 lakhs with the subsidy, though off-grid systems are pricier. For a rough idea, a 1 kW off-grid solar system for homes costs around Rs. 80,000. With the government subsidy, a 1 kW on-grid system comes down to about Rs. 70,000.

According to TSREDCO, excess power generated from residential solar panels can be sent back to the grid, helping to lower electricity bills. Any surplus power exported gets subtracted from your bill, and if you export more than you import, those extra units roll over to the next month’s bill. 

The Chances of Success in Adopting Solar Energy

A resident of Hyderabad has been keeping a close watch on the solar panels ever since they changed their house. When they finally took the plunge and got solar installed a little over a year ago, even though it felt like a big expense at the time. But looking back, it’s been worth every penny. Despite running two air conditioners and other appliances, their electricity bill last summer was just Rs. 1,000, a significant drop from their usual Rs. 7,000 bills.

For homeowners considering solar panels, should weigh the costs and benefits. Analyzing how much electricity you need and how much you can sell back to the grid. With this, you can make a smart investment that meets your energy needs and generates extra income. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where you’re both saving money and helping the environment.

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