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Electroluminescence Testing in Solar Panels

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Electroluminescence or EL testing is like shining a flashlight to see if the panels are working properly. Similar to a flashlight, solar panels emit light when electricity flows through them. This light is usually invisible to the naked eye but can be detected with special cameras. By analyzing the patterns and intensity of this light, experts can identify any issues or defects in the solar panels. It’s like giving solar panels a check-up to keep them in top shape and maximize their efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity.

The following issues can be detected with the EL test for solar panels-

  • Defects in bus bar contact
  • Microcracks
  • Interrupted or missing screen-printed fingers
  • Cells that are broken or damaged

Microcracks are Stealing the Efficiency of your Solar Panels

Whether or not your solar panels will last longer depends on multiple factors. One sneaky culprit that can wreak havoc is microcracks hiding within the silicon cells of your solar modules. These tiny cracks are often invisible, which could have happened during manufacturing or due to mishandling during transportation or installation. They’re like hidden troublemakers, affecting your panels’ efficiency without you even knowing it. Microcracks aren’t easily detected through regular inspections like visual checks or common solar panel testing methods such as I-V curve tracing and Infrared (IR) scanning. However, they can lead to a loss of active cell area over time, reducing the overall output of your solar system. Even worse, they could cause diode activation or hot spots, posing a safety risk. However, quality control measures during manufacturing can catch and fix microcracks before your panels are shipped. But once they’re out in the world, identifying any new damage, whether it’s from rough handling during shipping or installation, is crucial. With the testing of solar photovoltaic modules and knowing the new issues, you can make all the difference when it comes to making warranty claims or dealing with potential costs down the line.

Electroluminescence Testing can help Identify Microcracks and their Cause

With an electroluminescence test, you can avoid nasty surprises and get the most out of your solar energy systems.  EL full form in solar is electroluminescence, this technology will help detect and fix microcracks early on and save you from major performance issues and investment losses. It is a non-invasive method that spots microcracks right on site. EL testing of solar modules helps identify the cracks and provides crucial evidence for warranty disputes. This will keep you covered if anything goes wrong. The best part? You don’t have to uninstall your modules, and it’s done at night to keep production running smoothly. With high-resolution images taken, professionals inspect every nook and cranny of your panels, ensuring damaged or underperforming ones are identified and dealt with. Plus, they leverage cutting-edge technology and insights gained from inspecting multiple modules, to quickly pinpoint issues impacting the performance. With EL testing solar panels, you can rest easy knowing your solar investment is in good hands. The following parties can benefit most from electroluminescence testing-

  • EPCs
  • Insurers
  • PV project developers
  • Financiers

Third-Party EL Test for Solar Panels 

Professionals with independent EL testing of solar photovoltaic modules provide customers with crucial information on quality and risks in a cost-effective manner.  An experienced third party for solar panel testing offers: A thorough inspection report from electroluminescence testing PV modules and the findings for each one. This will allow you to stay fully informed about the condition of your solar setup. You will know about the biggest risks associated with the most common anomalies found during electroluminescence EL testing. Whether it’s microcracks, hot spots, or other issues, they will explain it to you to understand what’s at stake. You will get the right advice and support from these third-party companies. So you can trust them to guide you through any challenges and keep your solar investment shining bright.

AI-Powered Electroluminescence Test Software

With AI possibilities are infinite. If you don’t want to hire a third-party company, you can get yourself software that helps remove microcracks. We should admit that microcracks are a serious problem and can severely affect the efficiency of solar energy generation. The Sinovoltaics EL Mass Analysis software or SELMA can help you perform solar panel testing without taking help from third-party companies. AI-powered EL test for solar panels helps you to remove all the micro cracks from your photovoltaic modules.

Benefits of using SELMA

Here are some features of SELMA, Electroluminescence EL testing software: Almost 99% accuracy: You can count on our testing to be highly precise, ensuring you get reliable results every time. Speedy analysis: Say goodbye to delays. This testing process keeps pace with even the fastest factory production speeds, so you can keep things moving smoothly. Backed by 10+ years of defect data: The AI has been fed with almost all kinds of defects, so rest assured you will find ours.  Trusted by leading manufacturers: This is recognized and accepted by the best in the business, so you know you’re in good hands. 15 types of cell-inherent defects can be identified and classified: it is thorough. The testing covers a wide range of defect types, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Improving the efficiency of silicon solar cells: By pinpointing and addressing defects early on, you can optimize the efficiency of your solar cell production and shipment. Replacement of defective solar cells at the factory: Catching defects before shipment means we can replace faulty modules right at the source, saving you time and hassle down the line. Conclusion The threat of microcracks to solar panel performance is real, but there’s hope on the horizon. By harnessing the expertise of third-party companies and the power of AI technology, we can tackle this issue head-on. These innovative solutions for EL testing offer accurate detection, swift action, and ultimately, peace of mind for solar panel owners and investors. Let us ensure that the future of solar energy remains bright and sustainable.

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Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar

September 29, 2023


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