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A Comprehensive Guide to 10kW Solar Systems

With the consistent adoption of sustainable energy, the use of solar power facilities is on the rise. Among the various models, a 10kW solar system is accountable as the preferable choice for most residential or commercial properties. 

If you are one among the people willing to integrate solar energy into your property, it is crucial you learn the proficiency of a 10kW system. And this guide intends to cover everything crucial associated with it for you to count on. 

Starting from key aspects and installation to government regulations and pricing, this article will cover every bit of information associated with 10kW solar systems. Read along this article till the end to find out! 

What do You Understand by a 10kW Solar System?

As the name goes, a 10kW solar setup is a preferred PV or photovoltaic system designed to produce up to 10 kilowatts of power or electricity. Just like a usual solar setup, it consists of inverter, panels, mounting structures, connectors and other such components. 

The efficiency of a 10kW solar system with around 5 hours of light period can produce electricity up to 50 kWh every day. This figure might vary depending on several factors, including the placement of panels, roof slope, obstructions and others. 

Solar energy generated during the day will first be consumed for your household requirements. Following that, the excessive energy will then be reverted to the grid, allowing you to store and use it later during the evening hours. 

What are the Benefits of Using a 10kW Solar Setup?

To help you feel more convinced about relying on a 10kW solar facility for your electricity needs in India, here are some benefits that you must count on:

1. Ample Energy Production

With the use of solar systems offering 10kW capacity, you will be able to generate enough electricity to power both residential as well as commercial applications. 

2. Eco-Friendly

Solar dependency for producing electricity enrolls you in adopting clean & renewable energy. Upon utilizing the same, you are also reducing the adverse impact on the environment due to the emission of greenhouse gases. 

3. Lowered Electricity Bills

The initial cost of a 10kW solar system might seem high, but it eventually secures your long-term savings. As you are producing your own electricity, your dependency on the local power grids will reduce. Thus, you will save a lot on your energy bills every month. 

What Factors Ensure Proper Installation of 10kW Solar Systems?

Before experts get along with installing the solar setup for your property, they will be assessing certain factors to promote efficient outcomes. Some of those factors include:

1. Exposure to Sunlight

The first and most crucial thing to assess is the location where solar panels are to be installed. Sunlight exposure around the site should be abundant, which will eventually lead to better energy production. 

2. Space Availability

Depending on the space availability on your roof, experts will decide on the count of panels that can go well for your solar setup. There should be at least 30 sq.Mt. of space available on the roof for a 10kW solar panel system. 

3. Connection to Grid

Your 10kW solar panel setup might need a grid connection. Thus, it will allow easy exchange of electricity between the grid and your solar system. 

What are Some Government Incentives or Subsidies Available for Solar Setups?

Even the Government is extending support for the home or business owners to install 10kW solar systems on their properties. It eventually brings down the overall 10kW solar cost for you! Here are some of the incentives or subsidies you must count on:

1. Available Incentives

Most Governments are now sanctioning rebates, tax credits or financial incentives for adopting or encouraging solar installations. The subsidies or incentives available in your region might be different from the others. Do explore them to lower your setup expenses.

2. Feed-In Tariffs

There are certain regions where you will even be paid for generating electricity through solar arrangements. Your contribution to the grid through solar installation can give you financial rewards. 

3. Net Metering

With the use of net metering, you will be able to sell off the excessive electricity that you generate through your 10kW solar panels system. Thus, it will further reduce your electricity bills. 

What Influences the Pricing of a 10kW Solar System?

For you to know, the overall cost of 10kW solar system with battery price depends heavily on certain crucial factors such as inverter quality, number of panels, complexity in installation and added features. To give you an estimate, a 10kW solar system cost in India can range somewhere between Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000. 

It might seem like a high pricing, but there are diverse factors that might fluctuate the final cost. Experts will be able to assess that better! If you can enroll or avail of Government subsidies for the same, the overall 10kW solar system price will be reduced immensely. 


In pursuit of attaining energy independence, the utilization of solar systems is paramount. With the rising rate of adoption, it is proven that a 10kW solar system is undoubtedly the most preferable and adequate capacity for you to count on. 

At Fenice Energy, we provide you with an all-around service, starting from site inspection and solar panel installation to periodic maintenance and parts replacement. If you have been looking forward to installing a 10kW solar panel system for your property, connect with us for the most reasonable price quotes. 


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