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India’s First 24×7 Solar Powered Village in Mehsana, Gujarat

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India’s First 24×7 Solar Powered Village in Mehsana, Gujarat

Solar power is super important in India because we get lots of sunlight. It helps make sure we have enough electricity without relying too much on things like coal and oil, which can harm the environment. Plus, solar energy creates job opportunities and boosts the economy. The government has big plans to use more solar power, and they are helping communities set up solar panels and systems. This means more homes, schools, and businesses can use clean energy from the sun and save money on electricity bills. It is a crucial step towards protecting the planet for future generations. So, solar energy is not just about saving money. It is essential to build a brighter and cleaner future for everyone.

Background of Mehsana Village

Mehsana village is located in Gujarat, India. In this area, the sun shines bright and the land is good for farming. Earlier, people used wood and kerosene for cooking and lighting because there was not much electricity. This meant they had to work extra hard and sometimes faced challenges, especially at night. But now, things are changing as the village embraces new ways to bring electricity to everyone’s homes and businesses. 

Mehsana: 24*7 Solar-powered Village

According to the Gujarat government, over 1000 solar panels have been installed on the village houses. These solar panels in Mehsana produce sufficient electricity to take care of all electric needs round the clock. The villagers will not have to stay dependent on the electricity grid anymore. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Modhera village the country’s first 24×7 solar-powered village. When addressing a rally, he said, “We shall no longer pay for electricity, but will instead sell it and earn from it. Earlier, the government supplied power to residents; now, with the installation of solar panels, citizens will now produce their own electricity.”

He also added, “A new energy of growth has been infused in Modhera, Mehsana and the whole region of north Gujarat. From electricity, water to road and rail. Many projects related to dairy, skill development and healthcare have been inaugurated and foundation stones have been laid today,”

Infrastructure Development

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) launched a Scheme on 19th March, 2020 to solarise Modhera in Mehsana, India. They aimed to completely replace electricity with solar energy for all needs and turn the village into a 24/7 solar-powered village

The Scheme involved: 

  • RE installations, including 6 MW grid-connected ground-mounted Mehsana solar plants.
  • 15 MWh battery for storing energy. 
  • Installing almost 1300 1 KW rooftop solar PV systems. 
  • All Govt. buildings have 305 kW aggregate capacity of rooftop solar PV systems. 
  • Smart metres, solar EV charging stations, etc. 

The total investment made is around Rs. 76.66 crore. The project was completed and inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on 9th October, 2022.

Benefits to the Community

Brighter Nights and Safer Streets

Solar-powered lights have revolutionised safety in Mehsana. Previously dark and unsettling, the streets now glow with the warmth of solar light. This provides assurance to residents. The transformation allows people to stroll around without fear. It established a sense of security in the community.

Reliable Electricity for Daily Activities

In the past, power cuts were a constant nuisance that disrupted everyday life. However, the introduction of solar power has eliminated this issue. Solar panels ensure uninterrupted access to electricity. Families can now prepare meals, students can focus on their studies, and businesses can operate seamlessly without the fear of sudden outages. This reliable power supply has eased daily chores. Moreover, it helped in boosting economic activities in the village.

Improved Healthcare Services

Solar power has emerged as a lifeline for healthcare in Mehsana. By providing a stable source of electricity, medical facilities can now operate smoothly and provide timely treatment for patients. It facilitates consultations in remote areas. Additionally, ambulances can respond faster during emergencies because of well-lit roads.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

The adoption of solar power has boosted economic development in Mehsana. Businesses now benefit from uninterrupted electricity. They have longer operating hours and can enhance productivity. Moreover, the establishment and maintenance of solar infrastructure have created employment opportunities within the community. It contributes to local economic growth. This dual impact of increased business activity and job creation signifies a brighter and more prosperous future for Mehsana’s residents.

Environmental Benefits and Healthier Living

Solar power can help reduce environmental degradation caused by traditional energy sources. By replacing polluting fuels like coal and oil, solar energy ensures cleaner air and water for the community. It safeguards public health and ensures their well-being. The transition to solar power will ensure a greener and healthier future for Mehsana.

Future Prospects

In the coming years, solar power adoption in India is expected to soar to even greater heights. With the government’s strong commitment to renewable energy, more homes, businesses, and communities across the country will get access to solar energy. As technology advances and solar panels become more affordable, the solar panel price in Mehsana and other areas will continue to drop. This will make solar panels an increasingly attractive option for consumers. Furthermore, initiatives such as subsidies and incentives will further incentivize the adoption of solar power.

As solar power becomes more popular, its benefits will become even more apparent. Not only will it help reduce India’s dependence on fossil fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but it will also create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and improve energy access in rural areas. Additionally, solar energy is suitable for various applications, including rooftop solar panels, utility-scale solar farms, and off-grid installations. With these factors in mind, the future of solar power adoption in India looks bright and promising.

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Laxmi Sai Prasad M
Laxmi Sai Prasad M

October 6, 2023


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